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The Snuggle Sandwich

Totally Sweet:

Snuggling with your fam

Snuggle sandwiches.  Yesterday was a rainy Sunday and in my house that means you crack a window and try to catch a short nap while listening to the rain drops.  I had just put the baby down and saw my wife and daughter in our bed. I laid down next to my daughter and my wife and I each gave her a good long hug.  That is until a squeaky voice from the middle piped up and said “Hey breads! This bologna is getting smushed!”  How great is that?  Every family has their fun silly moments, the ones that will be remembered years down the road during serious or sad times that the mood needs to be lifted and smiles need to sneak their way into rooms that they weren’t invited.  I am keeping that one tucked away for just one of those times when one of them need it I will look at my wife or daughter and remind them of snuggle sandwiches and smushed Bologna.

Really Weak:
Urinal Talkers
I don’t know if the women’s room has stall talkers but in the men’s room there is a certain segment of the population that deems that moment in front of the urinal as their daily social mixer.  I love friendly exchanges and greetings and asking how someone’s day is going but for this brief moment, I am kind of busy.  I need to focus just a little bit and sometimes I feel weird talking to you with my hands…..er full.  Lets all just agree right now that the sink is the place to exchange your daily greeting and get your friendliness on.  I am not trying to be rude just focusing on the task at hand.  Deal?  Deal.  Let’s also stop pretending that the person on the other end of your cell phone doesn’t know exactly what is going on.  Seriously?!? do you want to risk having the potential sounds that go on in that room providing the background music to your telephone call?  You know who you are, guy in the stall taking care of business in more ways than one.

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