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Young Enough to Remember Giving but Old Enough to Recieve


Happy Birthday, I made you a card. 

It is an interesting place when you can still remember cutting construction paper and hunting for the right colored crayon to create a masterpiece for your parents but are holding one of those cards in your hands made just for you.

Today isn’t my birthday, but it is a day that I give thanks and celebrate the greatest gift I have ever been given.  She is the single best investment I have ever made and the current rate of return is off the charts.

My wife celebrates her birthday today and she is without doubt, hands down, the sweetest of the sweet.  She is an amazing mother to our little girls and the greatest wife a guy could ask for. When she isn’t taking care of them and our family, she is molding a classroom of 3rd graders into the men and women of tomorrow.  Her smile lights up a room and when she begins to laugh, there is no place on earth you would rather be than next to her.

She has long beautiful  mahogany hair and blue eyes that can stop traffic.  She is kind and thoughtful and her generosity knows no bounds.  She has the heart of a servant and always just seems to know what to do to make someone feel special. She is the total package.

Just when I think that she couldn’t be more amazing, I look in the mirror and I am reminded of her patience and compassion and dedication to continue to hang in there with me.  She didn’t have to say yes to that first date or any of the ones after that.  I am thankful that underneath all of those attributes, she also pulls for the underdog and loves a good fixer upper.

Today we give her home-made cards and wrapped up presents to celebrate her birth.  I hope she likes them because I will never be able to give her what she has given me.  Her decision to do this with me is the greatest gift there is.

Happy Birthday

No Weak Today, She Stands Alone.


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