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Red Light, Green Light


Meg, How I love thee.  

I am not really one for multiple Hollywood crushes or movie star infatuation.  Yeah, I obviously had a thing for Samantha Micelli on Who’s the Boss, but what 12-year-old boy didn’t?  I do, however, make a rare exception.  The movie “You’ve Got Mail” comes on TV a lot and no matter what, if I am able, I watch it until the end and fall in love with Kathleen Kelly all over again.  I am certain that it is her girl next door appeal that gets me every time.  I am a sucker for it and lucky to have a beautiful wife with that same kind of something.  (Ok, now that I am finished with that sentence, back to Meg.)  I can admit that some of her attempts to stay youthful have yielded less than stellar results in the lip area, but she is still Meg and every-time I see Kathleen Kelly sit down on the floor of her apartment with her bowl of soup, my heart flutters a bit.

I wouldn’t be  true to myself to have a blog that talks about things that are awesome and not mention Meg.  I appreciate your indulgence and will see if I can’t think of something funny to write next time, or at least butch it up a bit with a post on the designated hitter or the spread option offense.

Meg Ryan, with short hair and a crooked smile.  Totally sweet.




Uh, Yeah; I meant to do that……  

You ever have a moment when you are sitting in the pole position (1st place) at a red light and the car on your left goes so you ease off the brake and begin to proceed when you realize they only had a green arrow and your light is still red?  No? Just me?  Great.  That moment is pretty weak and you can’t really play it off.  You are now sitting there with at least 58% of your car jutting into the intersection and the idiot behind you wasn’t paying attention either so he just filled the gap.  Leaving you hanging out there with no place to go and nowhere to hide.  If you have the courage to look around you will see your fellow drivers shaking their heads at you in disappointment or even gesturing to you with their friends and laughing at your expense.  If you are lucky, your light turns green quickly and you speed off leaving your shame and embarrassment behind you, but if it is one of those long green arrow deals you just have to sit there and take it like a man.  Maybe you could roll down your windows and explain that you saw a black widow  spider walking in front of your car and you were simply being a hero by killing it with your tire.   I think that some people figure out how to leave embarrassment back  in jr. high with dropped lunch trays and cracking voices, and some people wind up shamefully trying to sink down into the seat of their car counting the seconds till THEIR light turns green.  Feeling like an idiot is totally weak.

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