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Am I the Only One Who Doesn’t Already Have 2012 in a Jujitsu Submission Hold?


Holidays: Unplugged  Image

Last night I built a fire in the fireplace that still had hot coals this morning when I woke up.  Last week I put together toys, played with dolls (2 daughters), watched movies, played games, and generally took a moment to enjoy all of the things that we spend the rest of the year working hard to take care of.  In a word, it was glorious.  In fact some time last week I posted on Facebook that the whole “not going to work” thing just felt so right it was probably God’s will.

It is important to take a moment and just be with your family and I am grateful that I was able to do that.  We all work so hard to support and provide that if we don’t take a minute sometimes to enjoy it we can forget the big picture of why we do what we do.  Not to mention, I needed the week off between Christmas and New Year’s along with a razor knife, a screwdriver, some wire cutters and a pry-bar, just to free my daughter’s presents from their packaging.  Can we all agree that it has gotten a bit out of hand?

I hope all of you had a safe and happy holiday and remembered that spending time with the ones you work so hard for is totally sweet.



Weak Image

I am Glad you are Kicking 2012 in the Face But it Just Kinda Feels Like a Monday to Me.

I am a big fan of fresh starts and setting goals and getting motivated.  That being said, on the morning of January 1, 2012, I still needed to clean my closet.  I still needed to take the trash out, and I still had 47 other unfinished projects at home/work/etc.

I think I am probably more of a 1st quarter resolution type of guy.  In college I just about always skipped the first day of class and in high school I rarely got there in time for home room.  I still learned the stuff (mostly) but I avoided all of the hoopla and rigmarole of “getting started.”  

There are definitely things that I want to do this year and things that I want to improve in my life, I also know that if I burst off the starting line in a dead sprint I will get winded and the rest of the field will pass me in short order.  Then I will get discouraged and just go make a sandwich.

So to all of you out there that don’t already have 2012 in a submission hold, don’t be discouraged, you aren’t alone.  Set your goals and follow through and make it a great year but don’t give up if it seems like everyone else woke up a new person in a new world because they didn’t.  They still need to clean their closet out too.  Unrealistic New Year’s resolutions are totally weak.



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