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A Humble Thanks


People that know me in real life know how humble I am.  Like super humble.  Probably the most humble person you have ever met.  In fact, if there was a humble competition there is about a 99% chance I would win by a very large margin.  If I was prehistoric I would be a humblesaurus.

I started writing this blog in September because I needed some kind of creative outlet that freed me from the restraints of 140 characters or how ever many lines you get in a Facebook status update.  I looked down at my statomatic thing today and saw that this blog has 507  followers.  In a word, I am humbled.

I can call it a creative outlet all I want but in the end I want someone to read it.  To relate or to laugh or to be entertained in some small way.   This has been a lot of fun the past few months and I hope that I don’t run out of things to say any time soon.  Thank you for reading, commenting, following, and sharing.





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