Some People Don’t Have to Search for Their Inner Child


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Being a Kid at any Age

I will be 34 years old later this month.  Perception of that age lies solely in the beholder as I am still a spring chicken to many and old man river to others.  I don’t have any issue with getting older and have been sporting that distinguished salt and pepper look for close to a decade now.  One of the reasons I don’t worry about getting older is because by now I have realized that there is a part of me that remains a perpetual child.  I do my fair share of grownup stuff like pay bills and taxes and schedule parent teacher conferences but even in a deep-sea of responsibility I cannot escape certain Peter Pan type tendencies.  I don’t do these things as a concerted effort to “stay young at heart” but I know that they probably help.  Here are some of the ways my inner child escapes no matter how old I get.

  • If I stop at the grocery store on my way home from work I still get the kid cart with the race car because, hello? race car!
  • Though not often down south, if I am ever driving and it starts to snow, I pretend I am taking the Millennium Falcon into hyper-space.
  • The only downside to two daughters is toy shopping, that’s OK though, I bought a suction cup dart blow gun last week that is suuweet!
  • BOO! If given the chance, I will always lurk in the shadows so I can scare you when you walk in.  Then you will slightly pee yourself and I will crack up.
  • Race Ya.  To the mailbox, folding laundry, cleaning up toys, I am always up for a good race.
  • Chasing the ice cream truck.  This is way less embarrassing now that I have kids with me but one day I will be frantically searching for loose change in my room at the home when I hear that thing rolling up the street.
  • Licking the spoon. (no explanation needed)

I could go on and on because to be honest I still probably do more kid things than grown up things but I will start the list with these and let you add your tips on staying young and feeding your inner kiddo.  I once had a dream I was licking frosting off of the mixing spoon when I heard the ice cream truck coming down the street, I looked at my wife and she said “race ya” and it was totally sweet.

How do you keep from growing up?



I didn’t Know That was There Until it Hurt So Bad 

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Man, I am getting old.  I know this because after working in the yard all day yesterday it hurts to type.  Yeah you read that right, my hands are sore.  As much as I may be a perpetual kid inside, there is no mistaking the fact that the new car smell has worn off and some of the features of this thing don’t work like they used to.  I often joke about the 20-year-old me shaking his head in disappointment if he heard some of the things I say or think today.  For example, I now place real value on something called a good night’s sleep.  There is no escaping it, somewhere inside of me is a cardigan sweater, the faint smell of Ben Gay and the desire to cut out things from the newspaper.  I hold that person at bay the best I can but here are some of the things that remind me that I am no spring chicken any more.

  • When people come over I want them to take off their shoes and stand on our new memory foam bath mats.
  • I researched toothbrushes online and read reviews.
  • I know better than eating too many cucumbers.  Ever get indigestion when you were 22?  didn’t think so.
  •  I know that if I took acetaminophen 3 hours ago and my back still hurts, it is OK to take ibuprofen now.
  • I know the names of different kinds of medicine.
  • Food guilt. (Like standing over the sink inhaling leftovers at 11:45 at night and not being able to look in the mirror later.)
  • WebMD isn’t just for finding gross pictures anymore.
  • I walk down the cereal aisle and think “it can’t taste that different and 43 cents can really add up.”
  • Having a birthday coming up makes me think about getting older instead of hoping I get a 4 wheeler.

Sadly, I can probably fill this list out faster than the first one.  What are some things that remind you that you are getting older?  Realizing it would probably be a good idea to invest in a pair of work gloves is totally weak.


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I am a husband and a dad of two little girls. I am a lone Y chromosome and am already planning my escape strategy to deal with the estrogen flood that is on its way. People say there is a lot of joy to be found in the simple things and I have found they can provide a healthy dose of anti-awesome as well. I am, in general, a pretty optimistic guy and needed a bit of a creative outlet; so here it is. Thanks for stopping by. View all posts by Simon

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  • kiyadanews

    bills, bills, and lots of bills…getting old is tough…sigh*

  • suestopford

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    You can avoid your age for sure. lol

  • suestopford

    Your blog is hilarious. I have one about being fifty and single and just get such a giggle from others who don’t feel their age and want to drift back to being a kid – for me, I am a preschool teacher so I get to sit in the sandpit and search for bugs…excellent. Love your stuff.

  • Bonerfied Genius

    If anyone needs an explanation on what licking the spoon is they don’t know what living is.

  • clotildajamcracker

    I read a few of your blogs. I’m not sure that I belive that you’re a man. Are you a man? You’re doing chores? I have never in my life seen with my very own eyes an actual man doing chores. And you cherish sweet memories and the little things in life? Wow. It’s like beyond my realm of comprehension.

  • t

    Just wait, at 34 your eyebrows haven’t yet started pulling an “Andy Rooney.” When that starts to occur, you cling even to the cardigan to make you feel young again!

  • thejasongreene

    I’m with you on behaving like a kid. I too race my kids and find ways to entertain them, but usually am entertaining myself. The racing and playing also shows me that I’m getting old because after a good day of playing I’m usually sore.

  • Aspergers Girls

    I love the combination of quirky and talented writer. Well done. Thanks for the smile.

  • britneyana

    I think I’m just like you, only not quite twenty! They do always say girls mature faster than men…

  • C.D.

    It’s funny how the ways your “inner child escapes” are pretty much the same for me. The only difference is that I’m younger, so I have a much bigger regression!
    Thank you for sharing this hilarious post,
    Artphalt (

  • trepvegas

    Hilarious!!! Keep up the laughs. 🙂

  • carinnsche

    Ok, I’m only 24 but hey, in a few month the 30 will be nearer than the 20 xD. There is some things though that I think I will never stop doing:
    – walking through every toy store that crosses my way and press all the “try me” thingies, then walk away quickly when they start making noise
    – I can not wlak past a trampoline without jumping on it at least ones
    – reading childrens books
    – watching Disney movies

    I think there is only one think that really makes me feel old (I know I am still very young): People my age being married and having one or more children.

  • PCC Advantage

    Licking the spoon, chasing the ice cream truck, and steering the Millennium Falcon into the snow…all things that I’ve done many times, just in the last 3 months.

    Awesome post! So glad you were Freshly Pressed…Congratulations! 🙂

  • ashee

    nice beautifull……….

  • lauriejlong

    I laughed out loud when I read this! I suppose my take on the whole race car/shopping cart conundrum is that I know I am old because I tell my kids they cannot ride in it because it is too hard to push around the store. Really, I just like taking normal carts on a Tokyo Drift. Tee-hee-hee.

  • surlygurls

    Awesome Post! I’m going to be 34 in July… and can totally relate to everything you’ve said.
    Though I do try to keep in very close contact with my inner child! I still watch cartoons, read comics, stay up late and play video games every chance I get!

    I especially enjoyed the parts about driving in the snow and pretending its hyper-space and who doesn’t love jumping out and scaring people! It’s one of the most rewarding things – ever!!

    Thanks again for the post, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!! 🙂

  • iAMincharge

    So funny, I am only 19 but feel myself growing up all too speedily. Brilliant post.

  • Mr.Rnbir Singh

    Thanks for availing me such valuable & knowledgable kind of information. I go through your blog and found it fulfilling our needs,wants and demand.

  • Tom

    I kinda can’t wait to be old, but I’m talking about the properly no holds barred, do what you like, happily get fat, and not have to work kinda old. It’s gonna be awesome!

  • tlcathome

    I’m laughing, is all i have to say! too funny!

  • xuantian

    I totally agree with the “race” one! and your ice cream crave seams even funnier when you have daughters on your side. Haha, that’s hilarious, but in a good way! 🙂

  • JAP

    Man! Literally, after reading this article, I looked for a calculator and confirmed in my mind that I am also turning 34 yo this year, haha! I dont know if that’s good or what, nevertheless,that reaction of mine shows that I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • ashok arora

    This blog is very impressive and enlarged my knowledge, required information & the things i never imagined. i pay my thanks to be given such kind of valuable details.

  • thefreshmanexperience

    I can relate to the age thing. I am still a freshman in high school. I always go hyperspace in snow and am luckily enough to live in Ohio to do it a few times each winter. My 7 yr. old Star Wars Fanatic loves it. Great post and congrats on being freshly pressed.

  • indigoeverything

    wow, i am 19 years old and can completely relate to 7/9 of the things on your old man list…i need to go find an ice cream truck

  • Dolores

    I play the H Game, you have to get on and off the kerb on every H that is engraved on them, I think they mean hydrant not sure though. My brother and I used to play when we were little. if you don’t get on or off in time the world will end. I’m a grandma.

  • josegguzman

    Reblogged this on José G Guzmán.

  • hemadamani

    biologically I’m 40+ but on the inside still a child and never wanna grow to watch cartoons on T.V. any day, luv to make cheese strings while eating my pizza and always on the lookout to pull a prank on my unsuspecting friends. The thing that makes me feel old is when at the dance class am not able to perform certain steps or lifts. 🙂 great post. may you stay a child inside forever…

  • drakejamie

    Sometimes when I’m having an “adult” conversation I feel like a little girl in pig tails in dress up clothes. I just don’t feel like I’m almost 40…..hope I never do! Thanks for the great post!!

  • dreamlifemoments

    I am a 40 y/o gramma who looks 30- you can imagine people’s confusion when I have my grandson. The cashiers at Walmart always make a big deal if he calls me gramma at the checkout. I mean a BIG deal- it goes on for a while and I stand smiling at the line of people who aren’t impressed. And my 24 y/o son makes it a point to say mom every few minutes- it’s because people think we are married or dating. This is me bragging! 🙂 Age is truly how young your parts are–

  • abdulkadirmahamud

    I think about getting old every new year specially my birthday . every birthday reminds me that i am one more year older but my inner child never fades away..

  • samacwns

    My Dad told me as I was about to graduate from High School: “you never have to grow up…look at me!”

  • Simon

    Thanks Stacie! Yes, this post got pressed (3rd time; blushes). It has been pretty sweet. Hey you live in Colorado right? Ever been to a trampoline park? Thanks for wasting your paltry dial up bandwidth on my drivel. Enjoy the farm!

  • SWC

    My grandmother climbed the town water tower when she was in her fifties, and played with me in my tree house when she was in her sixties. I’ve taken her as my role-model and intend to never grow up entirely.:D

  • Stacie Chadwick

    Dude! Did you get Freshly Pressed? I’m reading your blog at dial-up speed from the farm and it will take me about 57 minutes to check the FP homepage, but unless you recently picked up about 300 followers I’m guessing so. CONGRATULATIONS Simon. If I recall correctly, this has happened before, right? =)

  • momsomniac

    Um, I got all excited at “memory foam bathmats”.

    I think I must be offically old at heart now! Dang.

  • southinkuknowme

    Good blog! I’m 32, and still a kid at heart 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever lose that side of me.

  • Nina Shadi

    This was great! I’m 26 and constantly fret about getting older! I know that makes you want to punch me in the face and I’ll take it, I know I’m crazy. I think it’s because of all the pressure that comes with age like a house, marriage, babies, etc., and I’m simply not ready. I don’t like growing older because I think most people expect me to ACT older, but I feel I’m just too silly and goofy to do that without giving up a part of myself. My mom always says, “Nina. When are you going to stop the silliness”? I always say never. My dad is almost 60 and still very silly. I’m sure your girls will appreciate you maintaining your silly side even when they’re my age.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing this! It was a great read, and it makes me want to embrace my silliness even more!!


  • troismommy

    I’m a little older than you are. I have almost as many Star Wars t-shirts as my son does. I had just as much fun at Astrocamp as he did (maybe more), and can beat the entire rest of the family at Harry Potter Scene It by myself. I would rather eat ice cream for dinner (or pancakes) than regular food, and playing on the swings outside is a perfectly good way to spend an afternoon. Keep young – life moves way too fast!

  • The Blissful Adventurer

    This is a brilliant post. You are talented and compassionate so it is no wonder you have 1100 followers + me 🙂
    I just want to say congrats for being freshly pressed today. This was my first time in that club and want to shout out to all of you who share this great day with me.

  • inmyinternest

    Wonderful post, instant follow! I can totally relate to this! I’m 32, and some of my Peter Pan ways are: dancing in front of a mirror when I’m home alone, stopping to look at flowers and ladybirds, and never losing interest with the Sims 2.

    Things that make me feel old… let’s see… yeah, my friends are having kids on purpose (more or less), and my teenage rock idols have all turned into old men. That observation led into a bit of a crisis, as some of them are only 10 years older than me.

  • The Guat

    A cardigan sweater and the faint smell of Ben Gay… HA! Hilarious. You cracked me up. That was a good one. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed.

  • ASuburbanLife

    What a great sense of humor you have! I found your blog through Freshly Pressed, of course, and really enjoyed reading a bunch of your posts.

  • d_vaz

    I’ll be 24 this year, but I already feel old. But then I also feel young. I still get asked for ID all the time when I go out. As for feeling old, my knees hurt now after a night of dancing which never used to happen.

  • hangryhippo

    My friends call me “Petra Pan” because I have so many tendencies to prevent myself from losing my inner child (subconsciously or consciously) and I’m a female. So, i’m right there with you on this one!

  • timberbookshelves

    We are all growing old at the same pace. If a kid had my body – he would just break it. We do childish better than kids and value it much more. I do value a good nights sleep, but at my age, laughing my head off wholeheartedly can give me close to the same result, and I always get a good nights sleep afterwards as well. The innocence of children can not be got back, though you can just watch it and wonder. Showing them that orange juice comes from squeezing oranges while watching their puzzlement and awe. Listening to a little boy say he likes hostages (sausages) and eggs for breakfast. We can do better at enjoying the childish side of life though. Thank you for the blog – it was a refreshing and helpful read. I think I will start reading comics again because of this.

  • Wizard Prang

    I approved this message. And my next birthday will be my fiftieth!

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  • albertsoriano2jc

    Hi! I’m childish in and out..yet, also shares the same realisation as you with the reality of getting “matured” 🙂 Nevertheless, I even crumpled-up my draft papers into ball to toss in my trash bin, and yes, I play “shooting” with rubber band..
    I love reading your post! God bless…

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  • PG

    i am confused. 24! and i already feel strange. had to stop behaving like what i am inside since past one year because then people thik i am a kid!! ad i do not like the way i am right now. i have to behave sensible. stop myself when i feel like laughig hysterically, running, swinging my bag while coming back from work, troublig mom when she is in the kitchen, making my elder sister and brother laugh by making a joke out of me! knowing that i am making a joke of myself! tch. sad. that is just oe thing i wish.. if only 🙂 may be, a gap of few years ad i could be back to doing what i have done best all my life. being myself 🙂

    loved reading people like being this way!! congrays o the FP 😉

  • Sarah Harris

    Oooh, just thought of another one! I do sound effects whenever possible! Life is so much more fun with sound effects.

  • smilesandhappiness

    Haha, I really needed a laugh. Great blog!

  • Wuangochi

    I really enjoyed reading your post, congrats on being “Freshly Pressed.” Turning 32 next month, I don’t feel like a grown up until I my joints ache when rain is approaching and my biggest complain in the last months is that my wrinkles are becoming more prominent… :-\

    But I enjoy cartoons, riding swings in the park, racing down the aisles at the grocery story and getting in the dirt like when I was a child. Thanks for reminding me that this child might NEVER grow up… and it’s OK!

  • MaxPower

    My inner child is in some kind of suspended animation. I can’t figure out how to wake him up.

  • Jan Bergmans

    Reblogged this on Jan Bergmans Weblog and commented:
    Ahum 😉

  • ashleemae

    I’ll be 31 in September but I still make racecar noises when I’m driving and find farts absolutely hilarious. I absolutely refuse to grow up too much.
    My body disagrees…I’m no longer able to get out of bed without making some sort of noise and if I sit Indian-style for too long my hips ache. *sigh*

    • Simon

      Did you know that they call it “criss cross apple sauce” now instead of Indian style? So bizarre, I told my daughter to sit Indian style and sh just stared at me.

      • ashleemae

        That must be what’s wrong with today’s youth. I mean, that’s an awful lot of extra mouth moving. I will insist that my children call it Indian Style. Teachers will probably hate me.

  • Saskatchewan Rose

    I loved this post! I’m only 22 but I felt the need to comment because I hope that when I do become older I keep the youth inside.
    I was in post secondary school last year & we had people age ranged from 17-40some. It was actually great to see that most of the “older”(sorry) students were more fun & kid-ish than the fresh-out-of-highschool batch. I’ve always been a little kid at heart(and I know I’m still young) but indeed I make noises when I drive, I shake my stuff all around the house, hop & skip around & always try to race with the grocery carts.
    However, due to my back(birth problems = having a “textbook” case that makes my back comparable to someone in their 60’s) I feel old. I ASKED for a memory foam for my bed for Christmas 2 years ago even. I second guess many things that may not cross the minds of people age. The question is always “Will I be able to walk after? Will I seize up? Will my knees give out?” Oy vey.
    I strive to do something that makes me feel more my age & younger every day! I am currently working on a “bucket list” that instead of doing “adult” things, I will attempt to act like a child again.
    ps.. I’ve never had the chance to chase an ice cream truck in my small home town in Saskatchewan. For that, I am jealous.
    Great post & congrats on being freshly pressed!!

    • Simon

      What a great comment. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. I think the reverse bucket list is genius. Like really genius and you should make it into a book and sell a million copies.

  • Writer Fighter

    Happy birthday! I think there is always room for being a kid at heart.

  • fogsmoviereviews

    Just checking in to see how your “Freshly Pressed” experience has been for you. I’m your next door neighbor on the frontpage there, the Stallone/Schwarzenegger poll. Looks like this post was a huge success for you, very nice. 😀

    Anyways, just saying hey. Nice post, My inner child is very much still in tact!

  • umanbn

    seems like everyone agrees….great post. I think we have lost our way if we lose the ability tenjoy the simple childish things in life…..

  • Consultor SEO

    Good reading, I believe being immature is just an attitude and not a social disease, since: where can I find metrics for deciding wether I am or not inmature? With the 4th decade milestone just around the corner I find myself asking to the clouds if I am REALLY inmature and if I should take some action upon it. Well man, you know what? I am successfully growing Wonder Girl and Captain America (autist btw) aged 4 & 3 and I work a lot, pay my bills, no debts, a professional track and lots of experience.
    I was present when my wife brought our kids to the world and you know what was the first thing I could (REALLY!!) get to think??
    – Metal breathing mode on – “I am your father” – Darth Vader mode off –
    Like this. 2 times. 100% match on the 2 times my life really changed.
    I watched Star Wars with my daughter and she enjoyed that expensive kid story. I recently started working on an ecommerce at selling USB gadgets and other amazing little things.
    I am a good person, honest and healthy, that’s not my own words, a lot of aparently mature people are below these standards… None of them is going to make me think I am below them in any aspect.
    Everyone should keep a little hope in the heart, all of us should grow without feeling the need for killing the inner kid in us.
    May the Force be with You

  • brainysmurf1234

    Great post. Perhaps you have the makings of an extension (or antithesis) to this site? He just posted his #1 today.

  • Taahpe

    Kids are totally just your own childhood, round 2! Now I don’t look (as) silly skipping or climbing trees!

  • ranaeldani

    The day i realized I was getting old was the day that I couldn’t hold my dads hands and climb up and do a flip because my head would hit the floor. However I still make car noises when I drive!

    Really loved this post! It flowed perfectly:)

  • daryk

    I’m 37 and could write a dissertation on ways I am a giant child. I can one up you on the grocery cart though. When I have a full cart of groceries, I ride it back to my car. I run, jump up on the back, and coast it all the way across the parking lot. I also carry a Batman lunchbox to work. I own and frequently use a small aresnal of nerf weaponry and Force FX lightsabers. I like to build forts, take my arsenal inside, and wait for unsuspecting family members to come by. I also like to hide and scare people. The 2 best ways I’ve found are to sneak into the bathroom while someone is in the shower and scare the crap out of them when they open the curtain or, when you know someone is getting ready to open a door, stand there with your face right up on the opening so it’s right in their face when they swing the door open. I’ve scared my daughter so many times she now tells me she’s going to need therapy. lol

  • cuttingedgecreativity

    Hahaha, this was hilarious! Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

  • Raaj Trambadia

    Wtching this 4 the second time! Dat proves how wonderful it is! Cheers for sharing this wonderful post.

    Please spare some time to read my latest post

  • Debra Colby-Conklin

    I’m on board with the poster who mentioned “chin hairs”. Let’s not forget crows feet, bunions and forgetting that you have all those issues, cuz in your mind…you’re still only 25.

  • aFrankAngle

    Home run! … and thanks for the grins.

  • blahblahblah

    People tell me at work that I look really young for my age ( I am 41 motherfucker. Sorry , I can’t say my age without cursing. I’m not bitter. really.)

    I just tell them, I don’t look young, I am just really immature.
    Oh look there’s something on your shirt…HA. made you look

  • SpenceG

    Interesting how you’re using a Star Wars scene. To get away from adult world and “relive” my childhood, I usually play a Star Wars marathon.

  • Christopher

    I make it a goal of mine to act as blatantly childish as possible sometimes when I’m at home by myself or with my wife? Why do I do that? To feel young? To recapture the free-spirited innocence of childhood? Nope, I do it because I’m a giant kid at heart and it’s fun for me.
    I get that disapproving look from my wife sometimes that says, “Really? Are you kidding me? Did you just do/say what I think you did?”
    My response is almost always, “You bet your ass I did.”
    I love being me.

  • Lotto Results

    Some of the signs are so true. I felt like you have written about me. One of the brilliant article I have ever read. Thanks for telling me how I feel.

  • integrityisyou

    I can’t say I am getting old, but I CAN say that I am definitely not a teenager anymore. I finally realized I am an adult when I started to agree with my mother’s advice, and better yet I started asking her for advice. At 16 years old there was no way I would be taking her advice. Now as a mother, I kind of sheepishly trudge my way to mom’s and ask the questions only a mother would know. Article is hilarious though!

  • 1eclecticgirl

    Signs that my inner child is still quite strong? I still have all my toy dinosaurs from when I was a kid, and I still watch Batman: The Animated Series religiously.
    Signs that I’m getting older? I’ve started using the phrase “When I was your age…”, I still have the biggest crush on Paul Newman, and nobody knows who that is anymore. 😦

  • Lisa

    This was a nice read. Well, I’m only 20 years old and I do pretty much the same things I’ve done my entire life so far which is study, play games, painting/drawing, reading, meet friends and so on. And university is at times more fun than previous school years because I only study exactly what I want (which have been the subjects archaeology, which was a thrill for myself as a kid as well, and filmtheory).

    The only thing that makes me feel old(er than before) is my physical capacity and responsibilities (especially economical responsibilities). I don’t dare or can’t do the same things because I am more worried about getting hurt or that I’m to weak in proportions for the body weight. As a kid it was easy and effortless to do some gymnasitics.

  • RJ

    Old people are always fifteen years older than you are at the time. Love the blog and put it on my daily read list.

  • Lavender Blume

    Haha! Fantastic post. I bounce back and forth between feeling (acting) like a kid and an old bag. I will probably be like this the rest of my life.

  • dpbowman

    First realization, though many events seem to have pointed to it along the way: Someone donated an inflatable toy that shows children (2-4 years of age) walking about the yard like happy hampsters….first thought? I CAN ROLL DOWN A HILL IN THIS! Let us just say I outpaced my guardian angel, did two full rotations and landed on the top of my head. My back hates me, though I am blessed to still be alive and mobile thus far. I suppose a pause before attempting “fun” activities may now lead me to redefine them as “potentially dangerous”. I guess they always were, but my body bounced back MUCH faster than now.
    Thanks for the smiles.

    • Simon

      Last winter we actually got some snow and I tore my rotator cuff sledding down a hill face first with a video camera. It doesn’t matter how old my body gets, my brain will always be 18. Thanks for stopping by.

      • dpbowman

        I was not injured but probably set a VERY bad example for my kids by tying a rope to a truck and being pulled on a sled behind it while videotaping. Darn you 18-year-old-adrenaline-junkie or a brain! (But what a ride!)

  • Sandra

    I noticed that I have started to refer to myself as middle aged. A little strange since I am forty-five. Apparently I am living until 90. Thirty-four sounds like a baby to me now. Just wait, you will be the same.
    My guess is I’ll still be calling myself middle aged at 50 because there is no way I am calling myself old.

    • Simon

      I am sure it will be. when we are babies we are 14 months or 18 months, as kids we are 5 and a half or almost 13. As a young adult we are late thirties, early twenties, etc. eventually it just becomes middle aged whenever that arrives haha.

  • inshadowz

    Slightly ahead of you, I’ll be turning 43 later this month. When I was a little younger than you are now I worked a few years as a taxi driver. Driving a car almost 24/7 in these parts meant I spent a LOT of winter speeding through Hyperspace; I live in Norway 😉

    I have two daughters, presently 13 and 20. I’ve been eyeing the Harry Potter craze with an ounce or two of scepticism (aside from liking the movies quite a lot), especially when a few months ago they went amok in the souvenir shop in Universal Studios, Orlando, downstreet from Hogwarts, buying every single Magic Wand they could find. That was until I spotted Darth Vader’s lightsaber in Hollywood Studios, Disney World. I now own three of the darn flashy things. I … could … not … stop! My biggest grief now is that nobody else will volunteer for a lightsaber fight …

  • Mchan

    Just go to Japan and watch the serious businessman who had a Pink Panther straps on his attaché case though he must be in his 50s ^^.
    I think I’m still pretty much a child at heart but now I also HAVE MONEY and can decide what I want to do which is great.
    Only last did I realize that some people think I’m getting older when my aunt suggested I cut my long hair because it looks strange on someone who’s in her 40s !!!! Rubbiiiiiiiiiiiish !!!!
    I still enjoy watching Naruto or Bleach and a lot of my friends do the same ^^

  • Administrator

    One day last week a 5 year old asked me how old I am. I said 42. To which she said, “Wow! That’s old!” On the same day at Wal-mart a kind gentleman said: “Have a great day young lady!” All perspective…

  • Niki

    It’s funny, I’m only 19 and I seem to be thinking about when I get older and I choose to remain my mentally-twelve-year-old self. I think it’s an irrational (and temporary) fear of growing up completely. I think it to be absolutely reassuring that I might not be the only one to think this way, and that it’s pretty much – for lack of a better word – normal for maturing people to become this way. I had fun reading! \:D/ More fun!

  • manishrao18

    The power of Kid is far more than an healthy adult…. hence being a kid or behave like a kid or atleast having thoughts (dreams, feelings) like a kid makes ones stronger and is refreshing….. so there should not be any harm in it 🙂
    Simply keep on enjoying urself…. good article, best wishes!!!

  • ravyngurl

    Love it! I too am a thirty-something (almost forty-something) kid, and I love it!

  • archisha

    You said it! 🙂
    My case, people around me do not hesitate to remind me my “growth” or the lack of it 😀 Oh, have kids, settle down, where’s-your-insurance, and blah-blah-wealth. Gets on the nerves only when I want to, though. Otherwise, I just get on 🙂
    Interesting perspectives on your blog, Simon. Glad to meet and read you 🙂

  • Stephie

    One of the best things about having a kid is getting him hooked on stuff I loved as a kid. He’s now an advanced Star Wars and Greek mythology geek, we play Rockband together and went to Comic Con this past weekend. I hope he keeps his inner child or I’ll have to start working on the grandchildren when they arrive.

    I’m on the cusp of 40 (which seems completely ridiculous) and sometimes, I nap.

  • heycrin

    Congrats on making Freshly Pressed sweetandweak! I read this when you first wrote it! 😛

  • Collin Myers

    Dig the racecar shopping carts too man!

  • A Little Bit Fairy

    Great, great post!! Thank God I’m not the only one who is, at 34, still a big kid at heart. I paint fairies & toadstools & dragons and love nothing more than watching cartoons and The Amazing World of Gumball with my 9 year old daughter. We recite lines from our favourite kids movies and The Simpsons & NEVER say no to chocolate, french fries or ice-cream!! Hehe!! Living in recession hit Ireland is a bit gloomy, but being a big kid rather than a stuffy, boring old fart is by far the better way to get through the day =)

    Thanks for reminding me that there are others out there who haven’t given in to growing up!

  • How To Be You/ Julie-Ann Blackmore

    Love it! Life has to be fun whether you are old or young. I dressed to impress the other day for a business meeting with high heels on, Later when I was out walking I played don’t step on the cracks just for fun. Obviously the sensible part of me knew I would stop the heels from getting damaged by not falling down holes in the pavement and made a mental note to inform the council! I am 42!

  • Flat at Bangalore

    Hi i am at 22 and i like to learn more in the society…

  • foxolio

    Getting old: Grey hair (but then, some people start going grey in their teens), being reminded that I have less and less time to have children before my bits dry up completely…(I’m 31, it’s a ticking time bomb!).

    Staying young: Now I’m an adult, I have to consider my responsibilities. My boyfriend and I recently took a most important step in our relationship, perhaps the most important one we’ll ever take. We consolidated our Lego collections into one massive Lego collection. It was a big step in our adult lives.

  • norwegian scabies

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  • Kyley

    Hahaha great post! I hopped through a restaurant (half empty though..) singing “I’m a little pony!” … You should have seen the faces!

  • dreamz infra

    The inner child search rules!!ha ha funny

  • Normal is the New Weird

    Ha! Love it. I find myself stuck in the same conundrum… I’m such a kid… and yet, I am being reminded all over the place that I’m getting old. This weeks’s example… I still love going to trampoline parks and doing what people do at trampoline parks. And then the next morning came and I ACTUALLY almost had to call out from work because I was so sore. My body just doesn’t work like it used to 😦

  • Anna Laviola Milo

    For my 23rd birthday I was given a card which had 3 old women playing hopscotch and written on it said ”growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.” People still think I’m 16 and I love it! And I enjoyed reading your post! Definately cracked a smile! Thank you! 😀

  • A. S. Ellis

    My rebellious music was Neil Diamond’s “The Boat That I Row.” My wife’s is Korn (I did not know of the band 10 years ago when we married). My most excellent five-year-old son hasn’t decided yet.

    I stopped keeping track of my age once I passed 21, and that’s easy to remember: 2001.

    Do the math: I’m a strapping young lad with an apparently old soul. But I feel good, neither feeble nor spry; just right.

    I play with Legos and pay a mortgage. I am Phineas or Ferb by morning, outside salesperson by day, financial advisor by evening, and bookworm/lover by night.

    Good post, Simon. Commendations on FP.

  • Sarah Harris

    I love the millennium falcon snowstorm idea! I sing along to all the kids music, I know most of the words by heart (job hazard from a company I worked at almost 10 years ago), when I drive by lit up signs for companies and a letter is out, I pronounce only the lit up letters, at swim practice one day, I did a running jump over their heads and did a cannonball, I constantly brag about being the tallest of 3 sisters at 5’3 3/4″. I love your perspective and can’t wait to read more!

  • sonofwalt

    I am often mistaken for someone much younger. I wonder now if instead of good genes it is simply because I never matured. I’m still a kid. I sing at work, and talk in Yoda voices: “Judge ME by my size, do you?” My three sons respect me, and make me very proud, but often strangers think I am their older brother. I think they keep me young, but then, I’ve always been silly enough to want to play in the rain and sing songs in the car.

  • notsowitty

    I’m 32 and I, too, have realized I’m getting old while having every day conversations. Like when my movie or tv references are no longer funny to some because they weren’t born yet.
    Eh, maybe they weren’t funny to begin with.

  • mungo

    Nice blog, keep posting

  • savageindian

    Great post. Congrats on the FP.

    I am 42 roll over semi truck accident survivor. I think that says a lot about what i deal with in pain for my life now. All at 42, talk about growing up fast? I went from thinking I was still like 30, having fun, thinking there is always tomorrow. To now being if i want to do it, or need to do it, I need to do it soon.

    But yes, even with all i go through, i do try best to keep thinking young, and doing non physical young type things.

    keep up the great work.

  • Russel Ray Photos

    My friends often tell me that I’m a 10-year-old boy trapped in a 57-year-old man’s body.

      • Kerry Dwyer

        I’m sure it’s not legal.

        Sorry – that is my inner child – every time I see something that can possibly be a double entendre or in the slightest bit rude I’m there – A strangely coloured map of Finland and Norway had me rolling about this morning. Farts still make me laugh particulalry when someone is pretending it wasn’t them – come back Laurel and Hardy!!
        Oh – dear – I should blush – I am over 50.

  • Arwen

    I am a lone X chromosome amid the chaos that is 4 boys and a husband. Just quietly, I love my XBox360 and blowing stuff up.

  • harmonioustew

    Thanks, Simon. Spending time with kids is a great way to stay young and defy the Grim Reaper as he swings his shiny sickle with increasing alacrity at your head. Although I’m 47 and I don’t have any kids, I teach a group of first-graders who keep me on my toes. Laughing at silly puns and acting goofy at corporate board meetings (by wearing a shoe on your head, for example) are good ways to fend off age; in case of the latter, it can also help you begin the search for another job. Please be careful with the painkillers, as they can be toxic if taken often over a long period. Check out some deep-breathing techniques at Dr. Andrew Weil’s website instead. Next time I see you at the supermarket, we’ll have to have a shopping cart race. Keep licking that spoon and chasing that ice cream truck. Bomb pops are on me!

  • Arwen

    I am a lone X chromososme amid the chaos that is 4 boys and a husband.I love my Xbox360 and blowing stuff up (just quietly)

  • Ruth Rutherford

    “There is no escaping it, somewhere inside of me is a cardigan sweater, the faint smell of Ben Gay and the desire to cut out things from the newspaper.”

    Sad part is, I already wear cardigans and cut things out of newspapers. Bring on the Ben Gay and I’m a full-fledged grandma. HELP!


  • harmonioustew

    Thanks, Simon. I know what mean about getting older while still feeling like a big kid. It’s a healthy survival strategy. Spending time with children is a great way to stay young (even though they’re good at driving you crazy too). Drawing with crayons, meditating, and deliberately acting goofy at corporate board meetings also prevent the Grim Reaper from swinging his shiny sickle at your head with too much alacrity. As for the pain killers, try deep breathing exercises instead. Most pharmaceuticals are toxic and their regular use can have unwanted cumulative side effects on your various organs. Go to Dr. Andrew Weil’s website for some trusty breathing tips. Next time I see you at the supermarket, we’ll have to have a shopping cart race. Keep licking that spoon and chasing that ice cream truck. Bomb pops are on me!

  • Grumpa Joe

    Who me, old? I have three kids and seven grand children ages 5 through 17, and I still try to outsmart all of them. You never grow up, but your body parts do wear out.

  • cloudy with a chance of sarai

    Fantastic post!!
    Sweet: I keep my kid on by making wishes on eyelashes and ladybugs, picking up pennies whenever I see them laying about, and listening to 90’s music and squealing and singing like I did when I was 11.

    Weak: I think, ‘these pennies I keep picking up will eventually add up and help me with my school loans!’ Also, I will be 25 in just over a week and I have had just a few tiny freak-outs about having to check the next age box on surveys!

    Kudos on being Freshly Pressed–it’s very well deserved!

  • LBcruiseshipblogger

    Getting old isn’t so bad when you realize the alternative to getting old is dying young.

  • starlight

    i love your post… one time i bought a set of eraser stamps complete with stamp ink and stamped those cute little images on my journal and date book and my teen kids laughed at me, well those small things make me happy and young at heart, i’m enjoying it and love it.. that’s the kid in me inspite of some little body aches here and there.. i love your post.

  • Jacob

    My knees already hurt after going to the gym four days straight. I’m 20. I’m projecting a stroke at around 42.

  • Mr. Fed Up


    Children are also growing up deprived of some things that we all took for granted when we grew up:

  • Jason Walker

    I love this!! I just ordered a brand new light saber from Ultrasabers. It is my graduation present to myself. I’m 40 years old and I still get excited at anything that has to do with Star Wars! I just can’t help myself.

  • gaycarboys

    YES YES YES. I thought I was the only one who pretended to race and who lurked in shadows to scare people and generally carried on like a kid!

  • deltagreen451

    Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional. Keep on having fun!

  • lijiujiu

    Excellent post.
    This is really a good work. I appreciate your efforts behind that. Thanks for sharing.

  • Urban Diva

    Great post!!
    My better half is a lot like you… he’s still a big kid… on our recent cruise there was a lineup of 6 kids for the waterslide aged approximately 5, 7, 4, 11, 8 and then my big kid at 42. hahahah
    Those girls will keep you young… or if nothing else, grey haired! hahahaha

  • wompbunny

    My grandmother has always set an example for how to remain ageless. And you know what it is? It’s not taking yourself seriously! She pronounces words the wrong way on purpose (even when talking to total strangers).

    For example, she orders “beagles” at the bagel shop. Her goofiness makes people around her smile and laugh all day. She’s not senile, she’s actually quite the young grandma.

    Letting yourself be yourself, embracing your goofy side, laughing at yourself and letting the small stuff go is truly the way to remain ageless 🙂

    Thanks for the great post!

  • Callipygos

    First time I realised I was getting old(er) was when I caught myself thinking “that kid needs a haircut”. *sigh*

  • kizzyinchainz

    I’m only 18 soon to be 19 but I feel like I’m getting older because I understand less and less of the internet slang used and care less and less about new music and trends.

  • Ape No. 1

    Haha. Spot on description. I am nearly 40, my brother is in his early 30’s, and my son is nearly 10 and amusingly at Christmas any one of our presents could be applicable for any one of us regardless of our biological age.

    • Simon

      That is so true, except for the part that all the toys at Christmas in my house are dolls and such, but they are great, they get me some type of sword or action figure or remote controlled car every year.

  • metan

    Completely with you, my inner child not hard to find at all. I did a post last week with photos of the destruction we wreaked on the chocolate bunnies the kids got for Easter with a group of lego men. I may have had more fun than the children…..

    I am 40, so totally gettting too old as well, the kids need to get better at doing the dishes so I can pass on the job and have a bit more time on the couch recovering from a day at work!

  • jensine

    I still twirl and giggle and love bubbles … and yes I do believe in faries 🙂

  • Rev Dani Lynn

    Love it! – An I just put my first ‘heating patch’ on my back 5 minutes ago. LOL!

  • The Retiring Sort

    Hmmm… exactly why do you want to grow up? I remember being embarrassed by my parents’ goofy actions anfd thoughts when I was a teenager – Now I’m just in awe of how cozy they were in their own skins!
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  • Jason Ministries

    For me, I maintain my inner child by still watching animated films at the movies. 🙂 If they are worth seeing that is. Mostly I rewatch my old favs on the TV. 🙂

  • thefuture2020

    lol, that race car line had me cracking up man. I pictured how you would have said it to but i must admit this article is facinating. Most people would believe that letting go of your inner child is the best thing for you to do. But i believe if this is apart of you that would be like killing off apart of who you are. So why even consider such a thing besides being young at heart is actually a healthy thing if it makes you happy and doesnt affect anyone else in a bad way. cause lets be real life is too short to be worrying about what other people think sometimes and if this makes you happy then by all means do what you do best my good man -,o

  • Carol Wuenschell

    I love your attitude. My husband and I are fifty-something. He has the Peter Pan flute theme from the Disney movie for a ring tone.

  • In My Garden (country edition)

    Just turned 40 (yikes) the way that I stay young, yet acknowledge that I am old (and old enough to not care) is chocolate for breakfast (once the kids go to school of course!

  • argonzalez312

    At 31 I get the old vs young thing. What makes it worse I got married at 21 and have 2 boys (8 and 6) and a new baby on the way. So in some ways I feel very old… I stay young by making plans to go see The Hobbit on the day it opens (ok that maybe just a hint of how dorky I am), owning a bike and riding with the kids to school (though I now wear a helmet, how old!) and by insisting we play video games as a family!!!
    I feel old because I cannot imagine staying out to 2 am. I also had my gall bladder removed…definitely old!!!

  • whatidesiredtosay1

    As the saying goes, ” I will grow older, but I refuse to grow up.” It’s a choice and if growing up is snooty cocktail parties, they better have cocktail weenies there.

  • mikewelland

    How do I know I am getting older?? when me and my friends go into chucky cheese just to play the games and we get weird looks cause we have no kids with us lol, and I am 31 years old

    I think they need to make an adult chucky cheese, now there is an idea, have a couple arcade games in the strip joints ha ha.

    As for staying young at heart I agree with the above post from Jennifer Lilley when she said “I’m often striking a silly pose or making a ridiculous face just when someone’s about to take a picture” I always do that, I like watching cartoons on a saturday morning with a big bowl of cereal, now that brings out the kid inside me, as well as some great childhood memories……

  • fireandair

    Sure, you get indigestion as a 20-something. However, chances are you’ve inflicted it on yourself with vodka. As an adult, you can get it just by eating and lying down too soon afterwards.

    I’m sort of meh about the whole aging thing. I sometimes joke that I’ve had a back back since I was 11 and have always like classical music and opera, so maybe I don’t mind getting older because I can’t tell the difference. 🙂 Seriously though, my back feels WAY better than it did when I was in my 20s or even my 30s. At this rate, I’ll be an Olympic athlete by the time I’m 80.

  • Joey

    also i found since the twenties you never catch anyone saying, “I’m twenty six AND A HALF”. lol, the less months through the year of your age the better.

  • Joey

    i enjoyed this blog, this is my first time reading or being on a blog site but truly enjoyed the rant. I am 26 and found since 20 the years flew by

  • Jennifer Lilley

    This is great! Whew. I’m not alone : )

    How I keep from growing up:

    I’m often striking a silly pose or making a ridiculous face just when someone’s about to take a picture (I even admit to sometimes making faces in the mirror, um, alone . . . then cracking myself up from the entire three second bit of self entertainment).

    I have a “favorite horse” that I see during my daily driving route. I absolutely make a point of waving to this horse every time. Somehow, I just feel happier when I do.

    Pizza for breakfast once in a blue moon.

    Peeking through coloring books or browsing the toy aisle for no other reason than to simply remember. I don’t even have children!

    Wow, your post has me thinking. This list could go on. . .

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and sharing your story!

  • williamw60640

    Congrats on being FP – you write well and you shared so many truths that made me smile. Sometimes it really makes your day to be reminded you’re not the only one going through such things.
    As to what reminds me I’m getting older (47), also an easier list than the other(as you said), I know I’m growing older when I realize advice I was given as a child, advice I have given children I helped raise, is now advice I must take seriously for my own life. Such as, do things now while you have the chance because opportunities come and go. This applies to basic bodily needs, i.e., eating, sleeping, peeing, as well as to larger issues, such as enjoying moments and being happy. Take good care.

  • natasiarose

    The white hairs that are springing up left and right and the ache I get in one of my knees after running always make me feel incredibly ancient.

  • Mad Queen Linda

    Nice Fresh Press — I love it when WordPress gets it right.

    I think I sprang a fully formed adult from the womb, and I don’t have kids. However, now that I am Queen, and madly so, I’m coloring outside all the lines as fast and furiously as I can. Race you for that grocery cart.

  • ramiungarthewriter

    you scare people too? awesome! i do it too, though nowadasys it’s less about lurking behind corners and more about standing behind them silently when they don’t know i’m there and saying hello. great reactions.

  • dtangle

    HAHA! I’m 19. All the best with the 34th.
    Happy Birthday (:

  • Rockwell

    haha that ecard is so true. Happy bday by the way!

  • tedmcwhirter

    Lovely post, thanks for sharing!!
    I recently went hula hooping and it made me feel like I was 12 again. Until I stopped and then my hips hurt, knees crunched and I was covered in bruises. Oh well! 🙂

  • Lisa Smith Molinari

    Funny/cute/totally relatable post! At 45 I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, but my first list has dwindled to almost nothing since I cannot deny middle-age any longer. I just wave at the ice cream truck and give my kids my wallet. The only race I participate in is to get the last serving of lasagne before my teens take it all. I don’t try to scare anyone all that much, but I do pee my pants a little when I sneeze. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  • cbrohan

    and i thought i was the only one who did the millenium falcon thing, I even do the voice and everything. 😛


  • lauriebest

    Love your approach to life. My daughter (also a thirty-something) and I do a funny blog about the two generation’s different approaches to life. We rant at each other and enjoy the laughs. You’ve shown us yours, now let us show you ours…

  • amelie88

    I always wondered what my father felt being the lone guy in the house. I always asked him as I got older, “Didn’t you ever wish for a son? Didn’t you ever get lonely with all the female madness in the house?!”

    However being the typical guy–he never had much to say about the subject and would merely shrug his shoulders being all “No, not really. Whatever.” This blog confirms my suspicions we must have driven him quite frequently up the wall. 😀

    • Simon

      having two girls is the best thing ever but when I think about the fact that I will go 8 straight years with a daughter in high school it freaks me out a bit. Thanks for commenting.

  • Barbie

    Well to start with the war of “salt & pepper” the SALT has won. Yes, I could continue to dye my hair like I’ve been doing the past 20 years, ever since my daughter was born, but it just too much work.
    I take an assortment of medicines, vitamins, supplements – I think they qualify as a meal in themselves.
    My right elbow pops every time I straighten out my arm and no I don’t just jump out of bed anymore, I have to ease out of it, give these tired bones a chance to wake up.
    Avoid what my Doctor calls “white foods” or foods that will cause heartburn. I should have bought stock in Tums years ago.

    The inner kid in me still likes to dance – don’t matter where, even if means I embarrass my kids. Same thing goes with singing.
    I still like to draw, color, or paint.
    Ice cream for lunch is still fun, I draw the line at having it for breakfast.
    I call my folks just cuz I like hearing them tell me I am still their “baby”. Of course I do the same to my kids.
    I still like to tickle people unexpectedly.
    When I laugh, its OUT LOUD occasionally even snort.
    I guess that’s about it.

  • a.n. inspirations

    racing, scaring, high fives, climbing over things… little shots of adrenaline can put anyone in a good mood:)

  • sportsjim81

    Congrats on FP status man! This post was great, but i have to tell you, I was laughing out loud at my cubicle this afternoon reading today’s post. Hilarious!

  • thomaswrites

    Didnt read the post because I have a Generation Y attention-span but I did however like your profile “People say there is a lot of joy to be found in the simple things and I have found they can provide a healthy dose of anti-awesome as well”. That’s a wonderful line 🙂

  • Mom Meets Blog

    Inner child alive and well – Nerf gun battles totally rock (girls like them too), licking the bowls after ice cream, and having an 11 year old son, I’ve started using the words burp and fart A LOT. . .congrats on the FP 🙂

  • DoF@theinfill

    Oh, very few folk really ever ‘grow up’ – in fact am not sure that anyone really does and those that think they have are probably dangerous. However the body just becomes scrap a bit at a time with accelarating speeds as the decades tick by. So all best wishes from a 60+ year-old kid with bits dropping off even as I type. 😉

    • Simon

      I couldn’t agree more. No matter how old the body gets, the mind and soul are forever young. Hey that’s catchy someone should write a song about being forever young haha.

      • Simon

        Thanks for reading. I also try to keep young by inserting phrases like ‘off the chain” or “totally boss” whenever possible. My kids are too young for that to start horrifying them yet.

  • Simon

    Glad you like my pic. The mirrors tip is a good one for sure, sometimes I walk by and think who’s that guy?

  • Mind Margins

    Simon, I had to visit your site when I saw your goofy profile photo (which I love) on a comment you made somewhere else. To stay young I wear Converse sneakers and listen to Weezer. I run with people in their mid-thirties. I do yoga. Mostly, I do what I’ve always done–and try to stay away from mirrors.

  • perezny

    I know I am getting old when:
    -furniture amuses me
    -I google “healthy meal ideas”
    -Use majority of my free time to attend to my home
    -I google ways to making my home more relaxing.
    -When I wake up and get out of bed I HAVE to do a full body stretch.

    I could get on going… Great post!

  • Jennifer

    oh you are soo my husband! I lick the spoon too, drive with windows down and system up, do ‘old person’ dancing and have started thinking like my mum… and I’m only a short wee bit off forty…

  • angelsail

    Your entries make me smile.

    Too funny though. I know I’m getting old too. Just got an email at work about a 403b seminar for our retirement plans. I saw it was at 4:00, and I was worried if I wanted to go (and secretly, I do) if I’d be able to make it on time without having to speed — and whether or not I should bring an Ensure or protein shake for dinner in case it lasts past 6:00 because Lord knows, it’s not wise to eat so close to bedtime.

    I feel ancient even typing that. Next, I’ll paint all my walls brown and turn into my mother.

  • Maggie O'C

    Ack! I know what I do to stay feeling young! I get zits and that gives me that fresh youthful appearance.

  • SzaboInSlowMo

    Haha, we are pretty in sync on this…I posted yesterday about bad eyesight, not being a spring chicken anymore and how I hate reading glasses. Except I’m over 40–won’t say by how much. Well, my racing days are over, bit I’m still a mean car dancer. I drive with windows down, the “system” up, and do my best to sing/rap along. That’s fairly kid-like, right? Of course, the response from my girls is always “don’t ever do that again”…yet I do. Drives them crazy! Oh, and I always lick the spoon!

    • Simon

      You know it is a bit unsettling how often we write about similar things. If you have a brain that works like mine I both commend you and feel a little bad for you.

  • Maggie O'C

    I guess I’m in the group that thinks you are just a baby.
    At 47, I am now surprised when things don’t hurt, tend to almost pee my pants and not be surprised at all, have lost the ability to be embarrassed (sweet!), have a hair growing out of my chin, sometimes my knee gives out for no reason (and I’ve never had a knee injury), and I think this is the best time of life. Kids are older, comfortable with who I am, busy, funny, praying for the rain to end b/c I’m old and I get cold now. Still big on scaring my teenage daughters and thrilled to play Go Fish with my 4 year old nephew.

    Early Happy Birthday!

    • Simon

      so what your saying is the windshield wipers may stop working and the radio may get stuck on an easy listening station but the best miles for this old car are still down the road? I dig it, and congrats on knowing that stuff like bladder control doesn’t matter too much in the big picture. Happiness is the key.

    • Bee -

      Uh oh, I’m 25 and I have a hair growing out of my chin! XD

  • mahervolous

    I have three little guys, and I just turned 32. My back almost went out last year because of the van seat. I had to get an Obusforme pillow-thing.
    And I do the same thing with the kid cart, even when the kids aren’t with me. Yes, race car!

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