It’s Raining Goldfish


Found Money 

Ever reach into a coat and find a folded piece of paper in the pocket?  It feels kind of worn and about the right size. Hopefully you pull it out and SCORE!  Found Money!  It doesn’t really matter what amount it is, finding money is awesome.  I tend to be inconsistent in maintaining a high level of overall organization in my life so this can happen to me from time to time.  It is usually a dollar or possibly five.  I have heard of someone finding a hundred-dollar bill, but c’mon, as long as they still sell fireworks in the state next door to mine you can rest assured that I will never misplace a hundy.

Another kind of found money that can be equally sweet but also wrought with potential ethical questions is the money on the ground.  Do you grab it at once?  Put your foot over it and casually look around, waiting for the moment to grab it.  I don’t want to be lying awake at night (wife rolling eyes again because nothing keeps me from sleeping) worrying that I just pocketed someone’s hard-earned cash but at the same time, how do you walk up to someone with a ten spot and asked if it belongs to them?  Pretty sure they are going to say yes.  I was once in a restaurant with my lovely bride when I saw a bill of some sort lying on the grown in the parking lot.  Too far away to make out the denomination, I got up and without uttering an explanation to my wife, sped walked out of the restaurant trying not to give away my discovery.  I got out to the parking lot and bent down to get it and the wind blew.  I took a few more steps and it blew again.  Like a seen from a Charlie Chaplin film, I chased this fluttering money around the corner of the building (which was kind of far away).  When I finally snatched it up and returned back inside I realized that they entire wall of the restaurant was windows and I had just competed quite the show for the diners inside.  I got a few quizzical looks and a couple of claps and returned to my embarrassed wife.  It turned out to be quite the effort for one dollar but hey, it could have been some serious fireworks money.  Finding money is totally sweet.  What’s the most you have ever found?



The Waterfall of Crunchies 

So I had a car in the shop a couple of weeks ago.  A car that we have kept clean and vacuumed and taken care of.  At least that is what I think until I go to remove a car seat.  I am not sure where it all hides but anytime I remove a car seat there is sure to be a bountiful harvest of goldfish, Cheerios and various other crunchies probably dating back years even to the other kid.  I think  I even saw a piece of a candy cane in the shower of debris that littered the area around my parking spot.

My daughter is currently in the stage of her life that we will remember as “The Trail of Cheerios.”  That means that the car seat becomes a black hole of all things suitable for toddler snacks.  So the next time you get out of your car and see an odd array of goldfish crackers, headless animal cookies, and some pretzel sticks, rest assured that someone just unhooked a car seat and that is what it produced.  Especially with onlookers near by, raining goldfish can be totally weak.

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I am a husband and a dad of two little girls. I am a lone Y chromosome and am already planning my escape strategy to deal with the estrogen flood that is on its way. People say there is a lot of joy to be found in the simple things and I have found they can provide a healthy dose of anti-awesome as well. I am, in general, a pretty optimistic guy and needed a bit of a creative outlet; so here it is. Thanks for stopping by. View all posts by Simon

13 responses to “It’s Raining Goldfish

  • Simon

    Amy, that is so much better than old crumbly goldfish. So glad you found it!

  • Amy McClure

    Strangest thing I ever found while cleaning out 1 of my kids carseats? My wedding rings! I lost them, I thought on a hayride at a fall festival. Days later I pulled out Jack’s carseat (he was 1ish) and dump it out on the grass to get rid of the who knows what and & happen to see something glinting in the grass. I could not believe it, but yup there lay my wedding rings! They had slipped off when I buckled him in I guess. I was never so happy for needing to dump out a carseat. : )

  • moondogmama

    not only do we have the car seat full of unmentionables, we take our yellow lab/golden retriever everywhere with us. You would think, as we do, that this would mean a clean car, since she is also part dyson/hoover when it comes to goldfish. However, one glance at our cupholders and you realize… that microscopic splash of coffee when setting your cup back in as you are driving + a wee bit of shedding dog hair, creates a whirling vortex of furry funk, the likes of which can only be removed by a high powered air gun. Imagine my chagrin when last time we went to the car dealership because our heat wasn’t working, he told me that dog hair had fried out the motor in heater valve.

  • sweetsound

    I laughed so hard at your story of chasing down the dollar bill in front of an audience… so great!

  • life is a bowl of kibble

    Last August I deep cleaned my car a detailing job. This is something I had never done to Myrtle May aka my car. It was interesting to say the least. She is a 2004. I think my next aMusing Mondays post is going to be on this very subject thanks S&W. And I love to find money Too. We have a rule in the house. If you are washing clothes and happen to find money, it is yours! I found 53.84 one time in the wash. I was bragging about it for days. I have not had to do clothes for the last 4 months. 🙂

  • Phil

    I’m chuckling at the visual of you chasing down that elusive dollar bill fluttering away in the wind just as you are about to snatch it up. So… I’m guessing you haven’t pulled up the sofa cushions in a while. That would provide both a sweet and weak moment – money and a few expired goldfish. The nice thing about money is that it doesn’t have an expiration date.

  • A Photographer

    I love you post, they make me laugh you are on my top 5 list for blogs I like! Keep going!

  • A Photographer

    I was in the Mcdonalds drive thru and I saw a piece of paper floating by. I saw it was a one dollar bill!
    I thought, should I go do it? Nah, when my dad said:
    “It’s a five dollar bill!”
    OK, five bucks, more than one and would pay for my lunch nice a easy! Should I go, a yes entered my mind and before I knew it I ran out of the car and was back with a five!
    So five is the most I ever found. Not much, but I had a tasty lunch!

  • Edward Hotspur

    Small children are like squirrels, aren’t they? You look back and see them happily munching away, and you drive on until you realize that you… don’t remember… giving them any snacks on this little trip.

  • Joe

    My wife asked me to clean out her car a while back and I was completely beside myself when I removed our children’s car seats. I don’t know why because I’ve seen this in the past but some significant time had elapsed from the last time we really cleaned the car.

    I’m guessing there were enough goldfish, mini Ritz crackers, and half eaten suckers to make some weird trail mix concoction (although I don’t think I would eat it).

    Job well done!

  • kharmaisis

    I find the occasional $1 and $5 in my pockets frequently. Having ADHD contributes heavily to my ill forgotten funds. Just last week though, I hit the jackpot and found a $20 creeping between a book I had long forgotten about. I decided I am tired of my electronic reading so went back to this dinosauric way of reading…and actual book with pages and low and behold – somehow lurking along my pages was a crisp $20 bill. I could not have been more excited.

    I have been a mom for 17 years and have three boys (youngest is 8). I laugh now at my 17 year old when he finds crumbs in his new car and starts freaking out about it. …a sweet satisfaction ripples over me ever time he complains. I keep thinking about planting goldfish and cheerios mysteriously around his car just to get back at him for years of torture.

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