Vessels of Delicious

Totally Sweet:
Food used as dishes.
I am talking delicious broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl and fruit salad in a watermelon viking ship.  Nothing says a cleaned plate like no more plate at all.  Is there anything better than breaking off pieces of that taco salad tortilla bowl soaked in the residual awesomeness that has trickled to the base of your edible dish and infused its flavors into your once bland taco vessel?  The ice cream cone is probably the king of edible dishes and for good reason.  Sometimes I would rather scrape the towering two scoops off into a trash can and avoid the whole liking ice cream off of my elbows as it melts to enjoy the crunchy goodness of the cone.  But alas, the cone only reaches it’s apex of cuisine once the ice cream has had the time to settle and fill every nook and cranny. Food as a dish makes me happy.  Red bell peppers full of veggie dip, halved oranges full of sweet potato souffle, ground beef plates with hamburgers on top……wait.  Food as a dish gives you a subtle assurance that once you are done with the thing you are eating, you don’t have to be done eating.  That soup was good but this soup drenched bread bowl is the piece de resistance.
Little flashing lights.
If I dream about space it is because once the last light in my house is turned out for the night my bedroom looks like mission control for a shuttle launch.  Two alarm clocks, multiple phone, ipad, camera, computer chargers, routers, monitors, etc.  The list goes on and my wife and I often are up in the middle of the night turning things to face away from us or folding squares of paper to cover the lights.  My favorite is hearing my wife ask “why did you move that chair?’  “What chair?  I ask.” The desk chair that blocks the light from that usb thingy hanging out of the computer, you moved the chair about 3 inches and now the light is flashing right in my eyes while I try to fall asleep!” I hate to complain because I love technology (like a lot) and our household enjoys lots of conveniences and entertainment that technology brings but Jeez Oh Pete tech companies, you can design something that puts everything in the entire world in my pocket but we still have to have a little blinking green light waking us up at night?

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I am a husband and a dad of two little girls. I am a lone Y chromosome and am already planning my escape strategy to deal with the estrogen flood that is on its way. People say there is a lot of joy to be found in the simple things and I have found they can provide a healthy dose of anti-awesome as well. I am, in general, a pretty optimistic guy and needed a bit of a creative outlet; so here it is. Thanks for stopping by. View all posts by Simon

5 responses to “Vessels of Delicious

  • Fabulous Mommy

    I used to wake up from the single flashing light of a dying phone on the other side of a room. Then our neighbour put up a floodlight in their yard which shines into our bedroom window. Somehow it always manages to shine through a crack in the curtains into our eyes. It doesn’t matter how well we close the curtains at some point the cats will go out the window and BAM the damn light will shine in our eyes again.

    Then we had twins and all the flickering lights and floodlight suddenly stopped being an issue, I think I could sleep in NASA mission control now.

    • Simon

      Thanks Fab, and thanks for going back and reading my first blog. I agree, kids could make you tired enough to sleep most anywhere. thanks for stopping by.

  • sch61601

    I agree to both the conspiracy theory and the breakfast bread bowl.

  • matt tsuhlares

    I think that the “soup in a bread bowl” idea is awesome, and the boat is totally being missed by the guys at places serving cheese dip…. can you imagine the awesomeness that would be bread soaked in queso???

    or how about scrambled eggs, sausage, and chesse soaked into a nice sourdough bread???

    these are the kinds of things i think about….

  • bill

    Funny you talking about lights. As I turned the lights out in the den last night I noticed lights on the following : TV, cablebox, wii, receiver, 2 laptops and cellphones. I thought this is ridiculous. I think it is a conspiracy with the power company

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