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New Gum

Pretty Sweet

New Gum

Man, I love getting a new pack of gum
(wife rolling her eyes right now on the off-chance she reads this thing).  Seriously the scientists at the gum factory are really bringing their A-game lately.  Crazy citrus infused polar ice peppermint kind of stuff and I am a big fan.  I am not talking about the new gum flavors that are supposed to taste like cake though.  If I wanted that, I would go find Mr. Wonka and risk turning into a blueberry.  Gone are the days of the boring old plen-T-pack, these days gum’s packaging is so hip you don’t even want to put it in your pocket, you want to walk around carrying it or hang it around your neck so people know that you are a baller that just dropped $3 on a pack of futuristic space mint.  For me, my love of gum started with my grandmother who would tear a piece of peppermint Freedent in half and share it with me when I was a little guy.  I can remember one time when I snuck a whole piece out of her purse so I could “double the pleasure.”  Gum is one of life’s little treats and having a new pack makes me smile.  In that vein, another thing that is super clutch is the friend who always has gum.  That friend is like a white kid from Duke at the free throw line.  Automatic.  So to you fellow gum chewers out there, thanks for sharing and yes; I am impressed with your pack of Siberian frost with flavor crystals wrapped in shiny colored foil and nestled in its metal case.  Oh, one last thing that any post about gum would be incomplete without mentioning……. Fruit Stripes.  Fourteen seconds of awesome right there.


Every other Groupon

We all like to save a little money and the whole Groupon concept is pretty cool.  I have bought a couple for places like Gap and Old Navy and currently have a $40 Groupon for a Butcher’s shop that I bought for $20 burning a hole in my iphone app.  But let’s be honest, are that many people really getting laser hair removal and day spa services?  Every other Groupon besides the 3 or 4 that I have used are total junk.  I get that as a 30 something male I am probably not the target demographic for this kind of stuff but how about peppering the sea of microdermabrasion and yoga coupons with a few things that I want.  C’mon Groupon, bring the good stuff, and why you’re at it, butch it up a bit.  I am thinking $10 for $20 worth of ninja stars or something.  That would be sweet.

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